– Privacy/ Security Seminars –

Care Vitality - TCM (Transitional Care Management)

Allow Our Experienced Privacy/ Security Educational Instructors provide educational seminars to address all the areas your providers and staff need to protect your practice from breach. This seminar has been put together by our President, Vanessa Bisceglie, who has been in many facets of healthcare and spent over 15 years in healthcare technology. She is a Certified Medical Compliance Officer (CMCO) with experience working in a medical malpractice defense firm, building and implementing the security settings within various EHR and PMS systems, worked in practices and has had numerous years assisting healthcare organizations in preventing breaches. Our seminar not only explains what the people should do but gives vivid real life examples of where practices and healthcare organizations have been breached to help members of your team remember why they should abide by the security polices and procedures and make them common practices in their daily activities. This seminar is very important since each person within your organization is responsible for protecting the practice from breach. A breach can effect a patient from a safety and security standpoint for ongoing years. Additionally, a breach by an individual can be a criminal offense as well as possibly destroy the reputation of the practice and endure large fines. A key way for healthcare organization to prevent a breach is by conducting a Privacy/ Security Seminar with our team.