Maximize Value-Based Care Reimbursements with our
Care Management/ Care Coordination solutions and MACRA/QPP Consultants

Our services and solutions help you meet the requirements for CCM, Complex CCM, PCM, TCM, AWVs, MACRA/QPP, BHI, Psychiatric CoCM, Security Risk Analysis and more.

Ambulatory leader in Healthcare IT and Chronic Care Management, QPP and Wellness Visit Services with over 10 years of experience in ambulatory healthcare IT and assisting providers to become successful in the various incentive programs (MU, PQRS, and VBM).

CareVitality takes this experience to lead you on a successful road map to participate in the Quality Payment Program / MACRA.

CareVitality bridges the care management and technology gaps with the new cost and quality program initiatives to help practices successfully transform towards value-based care.

CareVitality optimizes your existing technology to document CCM services in your existing EHR and provides 24/7/365 nursing services.
CareVitality provides the most comprehensive care management solutions and additional Healthcare IT consulting to help put you on a successful road map to participating in value-based care under MACRA/Quality Payment Program (QPP/MIPS/APM).

CareVitality Services Include:

  1. Maximum Care and Medicare reimbursement for Chronic Care Management (CPT Code 99490, G2058, 99487 and 99489)
  2. Maximum Care and Medicare reimbursement for Principal Care Management (G2065)
  3. Maximum Care and Medicare reimbursement for General Care Management (G0511)
  4. Maximum Care and Medicare reimbursement for Remote Physiologic Monitoring (CPT Code 99457 and 99458)
  5. Support your Transitional Care Management and Annual Wellness Visits efforts
  6. Make effective use of upfront care management fees for CPC+ with our assitance
  7. Support all performance categories and their respective measures under the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)
  8. Assist you in achieving positive payment adjustments through Medicare’s value-based care initiatives
  9. Prepare healthcare organizations for the shift from fee-for-service to value-based care

CareVitality’s licensed clinical team and healthcare IT consultants perform the required services for you to improve your patient outcomes and increase the wealth of your practice leading you to be successful in providing value-based healthcare.

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CCM Patient Testimonials

Even if I have to pay a coinsurance I want this program because it is exactly what I need to feel better about my health conditions and enjoy life more.


This program is perfect for me because I live alone and it is reassuring to have someone that checks on me and cares about my health.


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