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Protect your Practice and Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) By having our Encryption Experts implement security protocols

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Encryption Security Measures and Protecting Electronic Patient Health Information (ePHI)

Electronic Health Records are a standard use of technology when delivering healthcare to patients in medical practices today. Technologies such an EHRs, Patient Portals and Health Information Exchanges have changed the landscape of healthcare and have improved the ability to track quality measures and share vital patient information amongst care settings and providers. However, these improvements have also created challenges as it relates to protecting sensitive patient information which can create safety and security risks for healthcare organizations.

Federal regulations now monitor and mandate the way in which each patient’s file is accessed and shared. In fact, medical and non-medical information for every patient within a health facility maybe be accessed and shared externally outside the healthcare organization causing concerns for potential security and safety risks.

Ensure Patient Privacy & Security

Medical encryption services help safeguard pertinent information within each patient’s file to ensure optimal privacy and security when accessing the large database of patient information. Our Encryption services such as, email encryption, encrypting devices and setting up security protocols within your technology infrastructure will enable healthcare organization’s to comply with new HIPAA regulations monitoring the level of security within each medical facility. Electonic protected health information (EPHI) need to be protected from outside invasion.

Implementing the right procedures, protocols and technology can ensure high performance networks that are integrated in a safe and secure manner.

Maintain Safety

When encryption is combined with accurate security measures and protocols in place, healthcare organizations can function at the highest level of productivity and remain focused on delivering quality patient care. Use of the security measures offered by encrypting of data makes it easier for healthcare professionals to access and share important patient-centered information to increase quality of care.