– System Selection –

Let our trained and or certified System Selections Experts save you Money by helping you select the right system the first time

(trained on over 150 EHR/PMS & Patient Portal Systems)

Care Vitality - System Selection

Care Vitality is a healthcare IT consulting firm designed to help our clients save time and money in their pursuit of identifying and selecting the BEST EHR/ EMR &/or practice management system for their practice in the shortest time possible. We have designed a step-by-step process, which ensures all areas of concern are covered from start to finish. Our consultants customize solutions for you ranging from all required steps A-Z or specific problem areas based on your practice’s needs, size and specialties.

As discussed above, we have experience on selecting the best practice management system for your practice, clinic, or billing system. Additionally, we have knowledge and experience in the workers compensation arena and the best ways to bill for workers compensation using DaisyBill, Jopari, WorkComp EDI, Ingenix and PDP depending on your end goals. We would be happy to assist industrial health clinics and providers that see workers comp related injuries in their billing needs as well.