Chronic care remote physiologic monitoring (RPM)

Remote physiologic monitoring (RPM) services involve the collection, analysis, and interpretation of digitally collected physiologic data, followed by the development of a treatment plan and managing of a patient under the treatment plan.

The following are billable codes for  RPM device setup & training, remote monitoring and clinical staff/physician/other qualified professional time with a patient in a calendar month.

  • CPT Code 99453 Product Setup & Training ($19.19)
  • CPT Code 99454 Remote Monitoring of Physiologic Parameters ($63.16)
  • CPT Code 99457 (Patient Management initial 20 minutes) (approx. $50.94)
  • CPT Code 99458 (Patient Management additional 20 minutes) (approx. $41.17)

RPM services can be furnished under general supervision.

RPM Services can be billed along with CCM or PCM services in the same month.