– MIPS “Mock” Audits –

Protect your Positive Payment Adjustment by having our Expert Consultants perform a QPP/ MIPS “Mock” Audit prior to attestation

Care Vitality - Mock Audit

Protect Your QPP/MIPS positive payment adjustment and avoid a negative payment adjustment by failing a CMS random audit by allowing CareVitality, Inc., conduct a “QPP/MIPS Mock Audit”. CareVitality’s audit team will confirm your attestation documents (the same way as CMS) prior to attestation.

Your Providers will be more confident than ever, if you should get a notification letter from CMS stating your provider is facing a QPP/ MIPS Audit to safeguard your QPP/MIPS Positive Payment Adjustment.

Let Us Educate You On The QPP/MIPS Audit & Appeal Process:

  • What are common reasons providers fail the Audit process?
  • How to prepare for an Audit?
  • What entity is responsible for conducting Audits?
  • Which providers are usually selected for an Audit?
  • How do providers avoid an Audit?
  • How are providers notified of an Audit?
  • What documentation is needed in the event of an Audit?
  • What are the steps in the Audit process?
  • What is involved in the Appeals Process?
  • What are common mistakes made during attestation?
  • What do Providers need to know when faced with a QPP/MIPS Audit or Appeal?