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Vulnerability Scan & Penetration Testing

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It is recommended for organizations to go beyond a Security Risk Analysis to have a third-party Vulnerability Scan and Penetration Testing completed.  This helps identify and mitigate additional issues to protect their network from breach and avoid financial risk to their organization moving forward

CareVitality provides this service to determine the vulnerabilities and threats posed by the use of computers and IT infrastructure at the Client.  Specifically, is the organization’s computer system protected against Ransomware, Computer Hacking, threats and vulnerabilities typical in today’s daily use of computers in business.

CareVitality’s Process:
In order to better inform and recommend risk reduction, we provide the following:

  • Discovery (Detailed understanding of the infrastructure, processes and policies) 
    Vulnerability Scan (Internal tests on all appropriate devices, computers and LAN)
    Risk Assessment (Determination of financial risk defined by threats and vulnerabilities)
    Penetration Test (Simulate Hacking from offsite, using the same tools hackers use)
    Management Feedback & Consulting (Discussions with staff regarding what was found)

During these processes, we will need to work with the office staff and, if appropriate, the existing IT support personnel. The methods will be based on national standards such as HIPAA HITECH ACT, NIST, ISO 20001 and other industry accepted best practices and standards.

Deliverables from CareVitality’s IT Audit:
Verbal & Written Reports
Management Reporting & Recommendations for Remediation
IT Cyber Security & Risk Assessment Report
Plan for Reoccurring IT Cyber Security & IT Risk Assessment Auditing

CareVitality can provide the needed mitigation or work with your IT firm and confirm the fixes are completed to help you avoid a breach.

Please contact CareVitality (800) 376-0212 contact@carevitality.com for more information and pricing.