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Care Vitality

Our in-demand experts have worked with many well known Payers such as HCSC, Anthem and Fidelis. We have provided payers with much needed understanding of the ambulatory space and assisted them in may areas. A key area we have been involved in consulting is in regards to system selection for payers expanding into the ambulatory market who are engaged in care management. Another key area of our consulting is revenue cycle/ practice management systems where we have assisted in developing portals to assist payers with faster claims processing and expanding their clearinghouse services. Additionally, we are experts in the area of electronic claims processing of workers compensation.

We can provide a multitude of services to Payers to assist them in bridging the gaps between the payer and ambulatory space. Among some of the gaps we consult on pertain to healthcare technology as well as provide care management services to their subscribers.

To learn more on how we can assist your organization please contact 1-800-376-0212 or email us at contact@carevitality.com