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MIPS Registry to Help You Get Your Highest MIPS Score

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Published Star-Ratings and MIPS Scores Will Influence Practices’ Profitability 

CMS has unveiled the Physician Compare website, where the final composite score and scores for each performance category for each MIPS eligible clinician and group will be published and made public. Based on that data, a star rating (1-5) will be published for Medicare physicians.

MIPS scores affect far more than incentive payments. Providers’ contracts with payers are often contingent upon these scores. Clinicians’ reputations are at stake, not to mention the fact that their scores may be factored into their salaries or contract renewals.

MIPS Registry Solution can help systemically enhance these scores.  

Many EHRs are not equipped to help you report on all the measures you would need to give you the highest MIPS score.  Additionally, some EHRs still do not have a MIPS dashboard available.

As you can see, it is very important for you to pick the best measures to attest to under MIPS since this has a direct effect on your future Medicare payment.

This is why CareVitality MIPS consultancy has partnered with a recognized QPP/MIPS registry to assist in the submission process and help ensure you get your best possible score.

The MIPS Registry Solution provides an in-depth analysis of a provider’s data.  The MIPS Claims Analysis Report reveals potential measures for which the provider would qualify and identifies measures that would be a better option for the provider to report.

The MIPS Registry Solution, even features a MIPS Dashboard for at-a-glance, current performance metrics and real-time scoring feedback. In aggregate, CareVitality gives individual clinicians and group practices the tools to address all aspects of the QPP  maximizing bonus incentives (ie positive payment adjustment) and avoiding reimbursement penalties.