– Meaningful Use –

Let our Experienced Staff help your healthcare organization overcome the challenges of Meaningful Use and receive your Incentive Payments

Care Vitality - Mock Audit

CareVitality Meaningful Use Program Services are provided by Subject Matter Experts in your Specific EHR. Our services include the following:

  • Conduct A Gap Analysis
  • Educate the Providers and their staff on the workflow and responsibilities that will give their practice the requirements needed to achieve Meaningful Use Measures.
  • Our Analytics Team will create a timeline that determines how long it will take each provider to meet their MU measures.
  • Our Analytics Team will continue to monitor providers and their staff at specified intervals of time to ensure they are continuing to meet the MU Measures, and provide action plans for improvement.
  • If the provider organization is not meeting the objectives according to the predesigned time table for attestation, we will intervene and provide additional assistance. It is our promised commitment to our provider practices to assist them in meeting the Meaningful Use Requirements based on the specific needs of their organization.
  • Prior to Attestation, we perform a Mock Audit. This allows our experts to ensure the providers have everything saved accurately prior to Attestation, in the event they face a Pre-Payment or Post-Payment Audit.
  • CareVitality can perform the Attestation or we can walk the providers through the Attestation Process.